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From vibrant nightlife to stunning natural beaches, Thailand has an abundant offering to suit every taste. The country boasts a diverse range of activities, attractions and festivals to entice even the most discerning traveller. Unsurprisingly, millions of tourists visit Thailand each year to explore its natural beauty and take part in the regular festivities that occur here. One of the most popular celebrations is the increasingly-popular Full Moon Party.


Koh Phangan Full Moon Party


Full Moon Party

Each month, on the night of full moon, thousands of party-goers fill the crescent-shaped shores of Haad Rin’s Sunrise beach on Koh Phangan. The party begins at dusk, when the moon rises above the white sandy beach, and continues right through until sunrise. It is not entirely certain when the Full Moon Party first originated, but it is thought to be around 1985, when a small group of travellers took to the beach on the night of full moon for a small celebration. News about the event spread quickly by word of mouth and it has grown from what was a small beach gathering of 20 – 30 people to the legendary party event that it is today, attended by thousands from across the globe. It is recognised as one of the biggest beach parties in the world and the island now has its own reputation as the ‘Ibiza of Asia’. Recognition continues to increase for this striking, paradisiac island since it was featured in the Hollywood film ‘The Beach’ and growing numbers of tourists grace its shores each month.

It’s easy to see why thousands pay homage to this fabled monthly party. Koh Phangan itself is a perfect island getaway with majestic, swaying palm trees, pristine shores and turquoise waters, where travellers can still fulfill hedonistic dreams at a blowout beach party each month. The ambiance on this night is out of this world; over a dozen soundsystems line the beach, where world-class DJs blast out a whole range of genres including house, reggae, techno, drum and bass and psytrance. Fire-dancers put on incredible shows and attendees can even take part. As well as the speakers on the beach, there are bars that line the streets and keep the party going until early morning hours. The whole night exudes an exhilarating vibe, an exciting atmosphere that is both memorable and magical. A small 100 Baht entrance fee is all it costs to enter this notorious event which is a must-see for anyone travelling this part of the world.

Full Moon Party Thailand: Safety Tips


Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is the biggest event on Koh Phangan and draws crowds of up to 30,000 in peak seasons. As with any party, it is important to consider safety before going. The party is by no means dangerous, but accidents can and do happen, although this number is very small considering the sheer volume of people that attend and the frequency that the party is held. Please follow these simple rules to ensure that you will remember the party as an experience of a lifetime in Southeast Asia:

  • Don’t go without shoes – there can be cigarette butts and broken glass hidden in the sand
  • Don’t take drugs – drugs are illegal in Thailand and undercover police officers patrol the beach
  • Don’t take valuables with you
  • Take a copy of your passport with you and leave the original in the resort’s safe
  • Take details of the resort including contact number and address
  • Take enough money for drinks and keep it with you at all times
  • Stick with your friends and decide a meeting point along the beach or in town should you get lost (Mama Schnitzel is a popular choice)
  • Don’t take drinks or food from strangers
  • Always keep an eye on your drink and watch how it is poured
  • Enjoy the party!

Full Moon Party Dates 2015

  • Sunday 4th January
  • Tuesday 3rd February
  • Thursday 5th March
  • Friday 3rd April
  • Saturday 2nd May
  • Tuesday 2nd June
  • Tuesday 30th June
  • Saturday 1st August
  • Saturday 29th August
  • Sunday 27th September
  • Tuesday 27th October
  • Wednesday 25th November
  • Friday 25th December

Christmas 2015 Party Date

Friday 25th December 2015

New Year 2015 Party Date

Thursday 31st December 2015

New Years Day Party

Friday 1st January 2016

Full Moon Party Dates 2014

  • Wednesday 15, January
  • Saturday 15, February
  • Saturday 15, March
  • Monday 14, April
  • Wednesday 14, May
  • Thursday 12, June
  • Sunday 13, July
  • Sunday 10, August
  • Monday 08, September
  • Friday 10, October
  • Thursday 06, November
  • Saturday 06, December

Xmas 2014 Party Date

Thursday 25, December 2014

New Year 2015 Party Date

Wednesday 31 December 2014:

New Years Day Party

Thursday 01 January 2015

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