About Haad Rin

Hatrin - the most famous beach in the Gulf of Thailand


A town located on the southern tip of Koh Phangan, Haad Rin has been welcoming tourists all over the world with its wide array of resorts and hotels that showcase the peninsular beach it’s been known for.

Location of Haad Rin, Koh PhanganThe Haad Rin Nai or Sunset Beach and the Haad Rin Nok or Sunrise Beach are the two main beaches in the town, located in the west and east respectively. There’s another beach in Haad Rin, Leela Beach or Haad Srikantang. Haad Rin Nok is the venue for the world famous Full Moon party. It’s popular not only for its nightclubs and restaurants, but also for the sun-worshippers that fill the area during the day as they soak up rays to get ready for the night. The Haad Rin Nai on the other hand is a quiet sanctuary. Those who want to relax by getting away from the rich night life of the other side of the town head to this part of paradise. The beach is usually deserted and it has corals and mangroves that give an additional feel of being close to nature. The walking distance between all beaches is less than 10 minutes.

Haad Rin offers many activities that tourists can enjoy. It entertains with engaging beach-front parties and spectacular events and shows, including fire shows. These entertainments even lure some tourists to learn new skills and participate in the evening shows not only for fun but to truly feel the authenticity of Haad Rin. Besides a thrilling nightlife, Haad Rin Nok also hosts yearly events like a bikini contest and beach volleyball tournaments.

If you want to feel the sun’s warmth or would like to watch it meet the horizon, it is definitely the place to be. It is as good as kissing the sun beams with pure solace. Haad Rin is a tourist destination that not only attracts people based on its beauty, but also through its spectacular history and features that have mesmerized spectators over the years.

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